The History of the Orcs, Part 2

Continued from the last post:


Gul’dan was Ner’zhul’s apprentice – a talented orc that showed tremendous potential while working with the elemental spirits of the shaman. Eager to learn, he was even more eager for power – he craved it, more than Ner’zhul, more than anything, and he dove wholeheartedly into the shadow magics of the warlocks when Ner’zhul began his alliance with the Great One. Gul’dan watched Ner’zhul, fully aware that he was the leading force behind not only his clan, but all the clans of Draenor – get rid of Ner’zhul, and power would be his entirely. And so Gul’dan watched, and Gul’dan waited – and when Ner’zhul vowed to turn on Kil’jaeden once and for all, Gul’dan was quick to return to the Great One with news of this betrayal. Upon Ner’zhul’s return to the orcs, he found himself stripped of his powers – and watched in horror as Gul’dan was awarded more power than he’d ever dreamed. Gul’dan quickly began the work of rallying the orc forces under his command – a bloodthirsty, unstoppable force. The Horde.

It is almost a requirement when attempting a coup to gather one’s allies closely around you, and Gul’dan gathered his allies, training the most powerful and like-minded in the art of the warlock. He named this group the Shadow Council, and they were soon using their power, and their influence, to corrupt all of orc society – and keeping any would-be opposers distracted while Gul’dan and Kil’jaeden ran the show. Ner’zhul was left to simply watch as Gul’dan continued his slide into darkness – and Gul’dan grew careless. He left the Shadow Council’s documents out for Ner’zhul to read, convinced that there was nothing that the beaten orc could do with the information. Ner’zhul discovered through these documents that Kil’jaeden was planning something terrible, something that could ruin the orcs for good. And so he set out to warn the chieftains, but none would listen to him – none save one.

Kil’jaeden and Gul’dan worked closely together, forming a bond – and to seal the bond, Kil’jaeden offered Gul’dan a taste of power, to be shared with all of the clan chieftains of Draenor and their respective clans – the Blood of Mannoroth. The first chieftain to drink of the blood was Grom Hellscream, followed by everyone else.

Everyone, that is, except for a select few. Orgrim, now Orgrim Doomhammer, second-in-chief of the Blackrock clan, refused to drink, insisting he was not worthy of the honor. While the chief of the Blackrock was content with this excuse, Gul’dan didn’t trust his protests, and kept a wide berth where Ogrim was concerned. The others? Durotan and the entirety of the Frostwolf clan, wary of anything leading them from the path of the spirits, unsure of the direction of the orcs under Gul’dan’s control, and mindful of Ner’zhul’s warning. The burning blood triggered a change in the orcs – no longer simple, no longer content to live as one with the world and the spirits upon it,  the Horde that drank the blood were transformed. An extension of Kil’jaeden, evil, barbaric and bloodthirsty, they were driven by Gul’dan, who ordered the orcs to murder every single dranei they could find.

But these orcs – the bloodthirsty, demon-crazed savages, needed a new Warchief – and Gul’dan wasn’t about to step up to the plate. Considering his options carefully, he chose a new Warchief for the Horde. Blackhand, leader of the Blackrock Clan. Convincing Blackhand was easy – the orc had a massive ego that made him highly susceptible to praise and flattery. All Gul’dan had to do was convince Blackhand that he was the most respected hero of the Horde. Blackhand, flattered and eager for power, listened as Gul’dan explained the purpose of the Shadow Council and the ways of dark magic, and promptly offered up every shaman in his clan to be trained as the first ‘official’ Horde warlocks. With the support of the orc clans, who were no doubt manipulated by Gul’dan and the Shadow Council as well, Blackhand was elected Warchief of the Horde. He commanded the Horde forces from the stronghold known as Hellfire Citadel, and directed many campaigns against the draenei – including an invasion of Shattrath City.

Medivh, Sargeras and the Dark Portal

Gul’dan was pleased, and so was Kil’jaeden. The draenei were being killed off, one by one – but there were larger plans afoot. Gul’dan was contacted by a human wizard by the name of Medivh. Medivh was in fact no ordinary wizard. He was possessed by the soul of none other than Sargeras himself – the same Sargeras that bargained with Velen, Archimonde and Kil’jaeden twenty-five thousand years before. Sargeras had ‘died’ in battle with the Guardian of Tirisfal, Aegwynn. Or rather…mostly died. His spirit remained and hid deep within the woman, and when she had a child and passed her powers onto this child, Sargeras went right along with him. Medivh was far from a normal wizard, or a normal human – he was directly influenced by the dark voice of Sargeras living within him. And Sargeras had a plan, one that involved another planet as-yet unknown to both orc and draenei – Azeroth.

Sargeras wanted nothing more than vengeance against the humans of Azeroth, and Kil’jaeden’s bloodthirsty puppets over on Draenor provided the perfect army to wipe the humans out. Medivh, controlled by Sargeras, slipped through a portal to Draenor and approached Gul’dan. Gul’dan was not the type to be easily swayed however – Gul’dan needed a reason to go through that portal and murder all the humans, and Sargeras was prepared to give him one.

Through this portal, Medivh claimed, there is an artifact, one more powerful than any other – the body of the great demon Sargeras. And with that body, you will be an orc no longer, a magician no longer. No, you will be something far greater – you will be a god.

How could Gul’dan refuse? Already power-mad, the prospect of even more power was highly appealing indeed, and so he agreed to help Medivh. Lending him the warlocks and the strength of the Shadow Council, the warlocks and Medivh worked together to open the Dark Portal – a rift between the worlds of Draenor and Azeroth. Blackhand was carefully groomed to lead the Horde army into Azeroth, and when the portal at last opened, the orcs poured through, killing everything in their path.

Much to Sargeras’s delight.

Thus, the worlds of Draenor and Azeroth clashed for the first time – they would cross paths many, many more times over the course of history.


  1. Mortar said,

    11/03/2009 at 12:16 pm

    Awesome reads, Shade!

    When I first started RPing I looked over your guide on the official forums and it was -tremendously- helpful.

    Thanks again for writing this!

  2. 11/09/2009 at 3:16 am

    […] – he’s just out of place, and out of his depth. In my previous posts, Orc History part 1 and 2 and the summary afterwards, I pointed out that the orcish race of Draenor was at best a primitive […]

  3. 12/08/2009 at 1:59 am

    […] The draenei were covered briefly in Orc History – you can go back and read parts One and Two here, or simply read ahead, as I’ll be recapping the events presented in the orc history […]

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