RP and You, a Beginner’s Guide – Naming Your Character

One of the most difficult parts of the RP process is something that should, technically, be the most simple: creating a name for your character. With millions of people playing WoW worldwide, new players are often at a loss for creating a character name that is both unique and interesting. The advent of the RP server introduces another challenge: creating a name that fits within RP Server guidelines.

Avoiding The RP Name Police:

Have a good idea for a name for your character? Awesome! Watch it though – this is an RP server, so names should fall under RP server guildlines. We DO have people here that report non-RP names, so keep that in mind. What’s the naming policy? Eh, here – a quick search of the internet finds a pared-down version of it:

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RP and You, a Beginner’s Guide

One of the most popular posts I have ever made on my realm’s forums was a simple guide to RP for the beginner. The thread itself was stickied, and has had thousands of views, but you never know when Blizzard’s going to delete something. So in the interests of preserving the information and presenting it in a slightly more organized manner, I am reprinting it here on this blog.

Spook’s Beginner’s Guide to RP

World of Warcraft is an incredibly diverse game with many options out there for players to immerse themselves in, both while leveling and once you’ve gone as far as you can go. Before I go too far into the role-playing process and how it works within WoW, I’d like to take a moment to address a few of the questions and viewpoints that non-roleplayers have expressed over the years.

1. Why do you rp?

The reasons vary from person to person, but the theme is similar between all of us: we like to write. We like to act. Some people liked playing tag when they were kids. Some people liked running around apeshit on the monkey bars. Most RPers are people that liked the games of let’s pretend, where you pretend you’re something you’re not. Some would call it dumb I guess, others would say ‘oh you mean like acting on TV’, and the concept is similar. What you’re seeing when you see people rping is not a bunch of losers trying to make themselves important. (For the most part!) What you are seeing is a bunch of highly creative, literate people that are writing stories as they go along. For them, it’s not so much the game that’s important, or the gear that’s important, as the story that’s important, and Blizzard gave us one heck of a world to create stories in.

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