RP and You, a Beginner’s Guide – How to RP

Back with another set of basic rp tips! So here you have your character, with a name that suits them. Now what? Roleplayers that have been doing this for years would probably laugh at you, but it’s actually a really valid question. How do you explain roleplaying to someone who’s never done it before? There’s a few things to keep in mind.

#1 – You are your character. Think of it like acting on TV or in a movie. It’s called ‘roleplaying’ because you’re quite literally playing a role. The difference between acting on TV or in a movie and roleplaying is that while actors in television, movies, or plays have scripts to work from, roleplayers do not. It’s all improvised, and it’s all off the cuff acting like improvisational theatre. If someone says something to you, you want to respond not as you, the dude typing on the keyboard would respond, but as you, the draenei/troll/warlock/etc would respond. There are two distinctions when you roleplay that you really need to pay attention to – being In Character, and Out of Character, otherwise known as IC and OOC.

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