Blood Elf History, A Summary

While I haven’t completely finished blood elf history, a lot of the events that happened to these fel-loving arcane-sucking addicts happened after the introduction of the Burning Crusade expansion. I’ll be doing a detailed list of posts regarding the lore and story behind the Burning Crusade at some point, but for now I think it’s safe to stop at the stopping point I found with the blood elves in Azeroth.

It may seem like the ‘blood elf’ portion of blood elf history is awfully short – and it is. The sin’dorei didn’t become the sin’dorei until quite recently in the Warcraft timeline. For now though, it’s time to wrap up with some of the most commonly asked questions and misconceptions about the little pointy eared buggers, as well as making sense of some of the in-game contradictions.

Blood elves are night elves?

Oh heck no. They were, at one point in time – mind you this was well over 10,000 years ago in the Warcraft time line. But the changes that struck them after they left Nordrassil’s range of protection were enough to dramatically differentiate them from the night elves you know today.

So who are these high elves wandering around then? They don’t have the green eyes but they look like the blood elves do.

Those are the high elves that left back after the Second War. Remember when Anasterian pulled his support from the Alliance, Kael’thas stayed behind because he was in the Kirin Tor? There were other high elves that stayed behind as well, to continue teaching the humans and other races the magic that they’d learned. These high elves weren’t affected by the destruction of the Sunwell – why? Probably because they had spent so much time away from it that they were nowhere near as closely tied to it as the elves that lived in Silvermoon proper.

These high elves had to learn proper control, and how to deal with being away from the Sunwell right from the start – so its destruction simply didn’t affect them in the same way. It may also be (and this is speculation, mind) that they learned a few things from the creatures they were teaching about alternate ways of keeping that power that is inherent to their survival alive. The humans they taught weren’t really tied to the Sunwell after all – they looked for ley lines and other sources of magic to pull their abilities from, so perhaps the high elves just learned to do that.

How come the high elves are allied with the Alliance? Or they con friendly with the Alliance anyway, but they don’t seem to like the blood elves at all.

Because these high elves that left did so in order to teach the various Alliance races magic. It could be that they didn’t agree with Anasterian’s decision to pull his support from the Alliance, it could be that they saw the path the quel’dorei of Quel’Thalas were headed down, and they simply didn’t wish to follow that path. And now that the sin’dorei are obviously following a much darker path…well, they don’t really want anything to do with that.

So why is that Highborne in Darnassus a night elf?

The highborne we’re talking about is Archmage Mordent Evenshade, who is seeking an audience with Tyrande regarding the use of arcane power. He believes that the kal’dorei will once again need the knowledge that the Highborne possess.

Why’s he a night elf? Take a good look – that’s what the blood elves looked like BEFORE the physical changes that happened to them occurred. Well…sort of. It has been mentioned that the highborne were bleached, somewhat – so his skin tone ought to be lighter than it is, but…well close enough. This is an early plant to justify the addition of night elf mages in Cataclysm. I hope that they update the Archmage’s model a little bit and bleach him out a little more, but Blizzard only has so much time to address these things.

Now as to why this particular Archmage hasn’t suffered the same physical changes as the rest of the High Elves…well that’s interesting, and there’s no real justification for it so far. I’m assuming that he never left when the rest of the quel’dorei were banished to the Eastern Kingdoms, so he never suffered the sudden collapse of leaving Nordrassil’s reach. There’s no real back story for him yet, but I’m speculating that this guy was off hiding in the forests somewhere on his own for all these thousands of years, possibly with a few others.

It’s really the only logical leap to make – they can’t change the night elf model in-game for just one class choice.

Speaking of classes, what’s up with blood elves not being able to be warriors? They can be paladins and haul heavy weapons around, so why not warriors? And Kael’thas had warriors when he joined the Alliance army, didn’t he?

He did! And this is a good question – the only logical explanation for the absence of warriors in blood elven society is this: The destruction of the Sunwell weakened them to the point where they were no longer physically capable of hauling a sword and shield around. Those warriors that Kael’thas took with him were the last and strongest to survive – and they went merrily tromping away with him to Outland. The blood elves left behind in Quel’thalas were nowhere near as strong – or Kael’thas would’ve taken him with them to begin with.

The paladins can haul those heavy weapons around because they’re imbued with the essence of the naaru – or they were. Now they’re working with other elements, but originally? Merrily suckin’ Light from an all-powerful windchime with a straw.

Now that the Sunwell has been restored to a degree (you see, I told you there were events in TBC that are yet to be covered!), the blood elves are slowly regaining their strength, and the old abilities they had. This is why in Cataclysm we’ll see a return of the blood elf warrior – they’ve got their strength back, and they can run around merrily being meat shields again.

Why are the Blood Elves so freakin evil, anyway?

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  1. PassingS said,

    01/04/2010 at 6:42 am

    Although this is pure speculation, there already is a group of highbourne living in Kalimdor – The Shen’dralar. I’d always assumed that the Archmage is simply a messenger from that group, coming out of hiding after we heroes came in and removed them from their source of power (A demon which their “prince” was holding captive.) Their skin should probably be whiter then the blood elves, considering they have spent 10,000 years (give or take 100) locked inside the ruins of one of their cities.

    Great Article as always 🙂

    • Shade said,

      01/05/2010 at 5:07 am

      Actually, there is a REALLY good reason he doesn’t look like a blood elf, now that I’ve researched a little more and come up with a few of my own theories and speculations – I’ll be delving into that soon!

      • Elthrassar said,

        01/22/2010 at 5:45 pm

        I’m chiming in a little late, but I thought it was explained that the Archmage was one of the elves that’s been hanging out in the library in Dire Maul. Did I just jump to that conclusion?

      • Shade said,

        01/22/2010 at 6:03 pm

        Nope, you aren’t a little late at all – I primarily play Horde, so I hadn’t seen the alliance version of the starter for this. I have now, and the revelation of where they came from opens all KINDS of other questions that haven’t been addressed, but will be in the future!

      • Elthrassar said,

        01/22/2010 at 6:25 pm

        I can’t wait to read every word!

  2. Wyrm said,

    02/02/2010 at 2:14 pm

    Hey, I would just like to point out that High Elves were affected by the destruction of the Sunwell. They are just as much addicted to magic as Blood Elves.

    They just found different ways to satiate their thirst for magic. According to the RPG books, some use the Night Elves’ Moonwells as an alternate source of energy. Others use intense meditation to control it.

  3. Sean Riley said,

    07/11/2010 at 4:07 pm

    Hi there!

    Here’s my question: A while ago, I wrote some stuff about Blood Elves, which mostly painted them as a pack of arrogant bastards with an entitlement complex roughly the size of Outland. Many people told me I was wrong. In response, I noted the way in which the High Elves had pretty much twice in a row only come to the Alliance’s aid when begged for aid, and then only half-heartedly, but (twice!) started hopping up and down like crazy and demanding help when they got attacked. (AKA: High Elves in Warcraft 2 and 3.) Again, I was told I was wrong: The whole problem was racist humans. Or a racist human. I’m unsure which.

    A lot of people told me I was wrong. The Blood Elves, from what I can see from their opinion, are a group of tortured, tragic nobles, suffering greatly from the wounds Arthas inflicted. Whereas I see them as a pack of degenerate addicts who were (frankly) addicted even before Arthas hit ’em; but Arthas took their stash and now we get to see what horrible little bastards they are.

    Who’s right here?

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