Draenei History, A Summary

While draenei history is pretty cut and dry when compared to other Warcraft races, there are still people that either don’t understand the timeline given, or are annoyed, to say the least, with the way the events were presented. Today I’ll be addressing some of those questions and concerns, and attempting to resolve and put to rest the impressions that people have gotten over the past couple of years.

So Draenei are Eredar?

Absolutely. They’re still eredar to this day – they just took the name draenei because it differentiated them from their corrupted kin. That’s why the night elves were so frightened of the draenei at first – because to the night elves, the draenei looked startlingly similar to the demonic eredar that had slaughtered so many of their people during the War of the Ancients. Archimonde was a leader of the eredar right alongside Velen – and Archimonde appeared during the War of the Ancients, so it’s no wonder really that the night elves were as terrified as they were.

How exactly does a spaceship fit into Warcraft Lore?

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Draenei History: Space Goats, Windchimes and Demonic Corruption

Some view the introduction of the draenei as the biggest mistake that Blizzard could have made from a lore standpoint. Sci-fi? In our Warcraft? Spaceships and technology? Well…yes, actually. The thing that most people seem to forget when playing a game like this is that it’s an ongoing story. If WoW’s story remained the same, static and unchanging, it would hardly be the sort of game that captured the attention of so many people for so long. From a pure story standpoint, WoW is ongoing, and changing – and it’s up to the storywriters to decide in what way that story will evolve. While some view the science fiction elements of Burning Crusade as far-fetched, I don’t think it’s that major of a stepping-stone – we’ve already had some elements introduced, portals and dual worlds, Titans and engineering – science very much has a place in the WoW universe. What the storywriters have done is create a natural blend of science fiction and magic that for some reason works.

The mysterious race known as the draenei have been referenced in Warcraft lore prior to Burning Crusade, however the draenei we were presented with were very different from the playable race. Little guys that look largely like potato sacks with legs, it was difficult for players to imagine how anyone could ever want to play them as a character in game. But the draenei’s origins are a startling departure from the magic-wielding elves, the savage orcs, and the other playable races available. The draenei were covered briefly in Orc History – you can go back and read parts One and Two here, or simply read ahead, as I’ll be recapping the events presented in the orc history segment.

The Eredar, the Naaru, and the Birth of the Burning Legion

The draenei originated as a race known as the Eredar – a group of supremely talented magic users who originated on the planet Argus, millions of years prior to Azeroth’s creation. These creatures were led by three of the strongest magic users – Archimonde, Kil’jaeden, and Velen. Sargeras, the dark titan intent on destroying worlds and devouring magic, was in the middle of building a vast army to carry out his dark purposes – and the inherent power of the Eredar quickly drew his attention. He approached the three leaders, offering them both vast powers and immortality in exchange for their allegiance.

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Character Focus: Garrosh Hellscream

I’ve decided to do a new feature, once a week covering one character in Warcraft, their history, back story, motives and where they are today. Some weeks you’ll see the big names – major players in the story of WoW, and others you’ll see NPCs that I thought were particularly interesting. To kick it all off, I’ve decided to start with one of the mostly hotly debated characters in Warcraft at the moment – Garrosh Hellscream, son of Grom.

WARNING – THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE FOLLOWING: The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and possibly Cataclysm. Also included are the Warcraft comics and novels. If you don’t wish to be spoiled on any of the above material, I would not recommend clicking to read further!

Son of Hellscream, Son of Draenor, Son of Nagrand

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Orc History, A Summary

There are many Warcraft players out there that claim that orcs are evil, terrible creatures and that the Horde are obviously the Bad Guys of WoW. But in looking at this brief repost of orcish history, is this really the case? Let’s look a little more closely at some of the more common refrains sung by players with this idealogy in mind:

1. The orcs killed all the draenei!

They did. Absolutely, without a doubt, they senselessly murdered and attempted to hunt an entire race to extinction. But they were under the influence of one of the most powerful demon lords in history, and under the influence of the Blood of Mannoroth. This doesn’t absolve them of their sins, but it does shed some light into why they chose to do what they did – the original lead in this play, Ner’zhul, was convinced that the draenei were out to get them. And he’d been told so by a vision of his dead wife – who was he to know that this vision was nothing more than a lie?

2. The orcs knew what they were doing when they drank that blood! They did it on purpose!

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The History of the Orcs, Part 2

Continued from the last post:


Gul’dan was Ner’zhul’s apprentice – a talented orc that showed tremendous potential while working with the elemental spirits of the shaman. Eager to learn, he was even more eager for power – he craved it, more than Ner’zhul, more than anything, and he dove wholeheartedly into the shadow magics of the warlocks when Ner’zhul began his alliance with the Great One. Gul’dan watched Ner’zhul, fully aware that he was the leading force behind not only his clan, but all the clans of Draenor – get rid of Ner’zhul, and power would be his entirely. And so Gul’dan watched, and Gul’dan waited – and when Ner’zhul vowed to turn on Kil’jaeden once and for all, Gul’dan was quick to return to the Great One with news of this betrayal. Upon Ner’zhul’s return to the orcs, he found himself stripped of his powers – and watched in horror as Gul’dan was awarded more power than he’d ever dreamed. Gul’dan quickly began the work of rallying the orc forces under his command – a bloodthirsty, unstoppable force. The Horde.

It is almost a requirement when attempting a coup to gather one’s allies closely around you, and Gul’dan gathered his allies, training the most powerful and like-minded in the art of the warlock. He named this group the Shadow Council, and they were soon using their power, and their influence, to corrupt all of orc society – and keeping any would-be opposers distracted while Gul’dan and Kil’jaeden ran the show. Ner’zhul was left to simply watch as Gul’dan continued his slide into darkness – and Gul’dan grew careless. He left the Shadow Council’s documents out for Ner’zhul to read, convinced that there was nothing that the beaten orc could do with the information. Ner’zhul discovered through these documents that Kil’jaeden was planning something terrible, something that could ruin the orcs for good. And so he set out to warn the chieftains, but none would listen to him – none save one.

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The History of the Orcs, Part 1

The easiest assumed ‘Bad Guys’ of the World of Warcraft are the Horde. Led by a race known as Orcs, they are often categorized as bloodthirsty savages intent on the destruction of the human race. But where did the Orcs come from? And why on earth would they up and decide to annihilate an entire race of beings? To answer this, we have to go way back, deep into Warcraft history and take a look at the origin of the Orcs. More specifically, where they came from: Draenor.


Once upon a time, there was a world called Azeroth, and a world called Draenor. For now, we’re going to focus on Draenor. Don’t worry, Azeroth will be covered eventually!

The ‘Draenei’

Draenor was a planet co-habitated by two races, the orcs, and the draenei. While the draenei are often portrayed and spoken of by many as the ‘good guys’ of Draenor, the truth is, they weren’t the original habitants of the planet. The original race were the orcs – born and raised, and the only reason Draenor is called Draenor is because the draenei decided to call it that upon landing on the planet. The orcs themselves were generally quiet, shamanistic, and not really prone to violent outbursts, and easily manipulated. Unfortunately, the orcs were placed squarely in the middle of a game impossible to win.

The draenei that settled on Draenor weren’t really ‘draenei’ at all – it was simply a name they adopted, that meant ‘exiled ones’ in their native tongue. These ‘draenei’ were actually part of the eredar race, who originated on a world called Argus. The Eredar were led by three leaders – Archimonde, Kil’jaeden, and Velen. Twenty-five thousand years ago, the three leaders were approached by Sargeras, who offered to transform the entirety of the eredar into a much more powerful race, in order to unify all the races of the universe. The new improved eredar would act as Sargeras’s spellcasters, spreading this universal love all through the universe and uniting everyone into one big happy singsong land of candy, flowers, fluffy bunnies, and basic campfires.

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